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Win a $5000.00 Shopping Spree with Ariel!

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  • Purchase any size of Ariel for a chance to win a $5000.00 Shopping Spree !
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Contest runs from 11th November 2013 to 20th December 2013


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Dec 20, 2013


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  • JTA Supermarkets formally recognizes its exemplary employee, Ms. Lillyan Williams 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Ms. Lillyan Williams accepting JTA Customer Service Initiator (CSI) uniform from Mr. Norman Allum Poon (JTA Director) 

    Ms. Lillyan Williams accepting JTA Customer Service Initiator (CSI) uniform from Mr. Norman Allum Poon (JTA Director)

    Mr. Christopher Mack (JTA Managing Director) congratulating Lilly on her promotion to JTA's CSI team

    Mr. Christopher Mack (JTA Managing Director) congratulating Lilly on her promotion to JTA's CSI team

    JTA Supermarkets is very pleased to formally recognize one of its outstanding employees, Ms. Lillyan Williams by promoting her to our highly specialised Customer Service Initiator (CSI) team.  This team is responsible for many of the customer service initiatives that are ongoing within the Company.  Its members can be easily identified with their bright red vests.  Coincidentally, JTA is about to embark on a significant customer service initiative, the launch of its own rewards card that will be called the “JTA Thank You” card.  We are excited for Lillyan to be part of this energetic team that will champion this new initiative for our loyal customers.

    Lillyan, affectionately known as “Lilly” by her colleagues and family, has been most deserving of the tremendous public recognition for her act of kindness while assisting one of our differently abled customers this past Monday.  We are so very proud of her and will continue to support her as she furthers her education with part-time classes.

    While Lilly may have recently joined our team as an employee, she and her mom have always been loyally shopping at JTA. She has therefore grown experiencing and observing JTA employees treat customers like extended family over the years.  So together with management and staff at our Cross Crossing store, Lilly’s warm and friendly personality has raised the customer service bar by showing such warm and positive energy to all those around her.  Her compassion and willingness to assist the differently abled in our society must be highly commended.


    JTA also recognizes the tremendous influence Lilly’s mother and aunt have made to nurture and develop such an outstanding well-spoken young lady.  Despite the significant media attention, Lily has continued to remain focused and is eager to continue her good deeds to all that she encounters with a huge smile.  It is truly inspirational to all of us at JTA and we look forward as she continues to be a role model for everyone in our blessed country.

  • FRIGIDIARE/COURTS "How Fast Can You Shop" 2 months, 1 week ago

    Frigidaire “How Fast Can You Shop” Shopping Spree 

    Check out the press release from Frigidaire's “How Fast Can You Shop” Event that was held on Saturday July 23 2016. The event took place at our newest branch of JTA Supermarkets located on Corinth Road, Corinth, San Fernando before the store's 8am opening. The event was tons of fun and we thank Courts & Frigidaire for allowing JTA to be part of the excitement! 

  • 100 jobs with new JTA supermarket at C3 Centre 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    By Kevon Felmine

    Guardian article published: 
    Sunday, May 22, 2016

    One hundred new jobs have been created with the opening of the fifth branch of JTA Supermarket at C3 Centre, Corinth, Ste Madeleine, yesterday.

    Scores of customers crowded the entrance as south Trinidad’s latest multimillion-dollar investment was opened by chairman emeritus of JT Allum and Company Ltd, Carl Mack, and San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein.

    JTA Supermarkets managing director, Christopher Mack, said the multi-storey building was a significant investment and was a statement of the company’s confidence in the future of T&T. He said JTA Supermarkets will do what it can to invest in the growth and development of the local service sectors.

    “I think for us, certainly in south Trinidad, if you look at the ambience here, it certainly raises the bar. I think anybody from South would know JTA has the best prices and value so for us, it is about raising the bar. 

    “Especially in a recessionary time, knowing that you have a destination that is first-class, yet when you are looking for value, it is going to be here in JTA,” Mack said.

    With 50,000 square feet of shopping area, JTA C3 includes an in-store pharmacy, fresh meats depot, produce area, bakery, deli, juice bar and sections for wines and spirits, party items, fresh flowers, bulk items, appliances, home items and prepared foods. 

    Located between Corinth Road and the Solomon Hochoy Highway, Mack said it allows for easy access from its surrounding communities.

    “It is a great location because of the congestion inside of the city of San Fernando. Traffic is becoming more of an issue, so certainly a development such as this, located strategically along the Solomon Hochoy Highway has the benefit of an easy access.

    “From the highway, there is Princes Town in the East, the communities extending South and we have San Fernando to our West as well.”

    Already with a large employee base through their Carlton Centre, Cross Crossing, Marabella and Couva branches, he said JTA C3 has created at least 100 new jobs directly and has provided opportunities for service partners. 

    The supermarket is the first business to open at the 600,000 square-foot C3 Centre, which is still under construction. Its plan includes a mall, plaza and the much anticipated MovieTowne’s eight-screen cineplex. Other businesses expected are Chuck-E-Cheese’s and Galactica. A food court and outdoor courtyard, casual dining restaurants and solar-powered skylights are some of the other features included in the project.

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