JTA Supermarkets Limited (“JTA”) is one of the largest supermarket chains in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Incorporated in 1988, it is owned and operated by a family with over ninety (90) years of experience in the industry.

The Company is a member of the J.T. Allum Group of Companies. It started as a partnership with J.T. Allum & Company in 1934 and first operated as a small grocery store on 100 High Street, San Fernando. Over the decades, it has grown into a significant business group in the country focusing on property development and food retailing.

JTA currently has five (5) convenient store locations that are situated primarily in the south and central of the country. Each location has a retail footprint ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 square feet and provides a modern and spacious shopping experience for its many generations of customers.

JT Allum & Co. Ltd. on 100 High Street circa 1955

Newly opened C3 Branch on May 21, 2016

C3 Centre – This branch is located along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway near the Corinth Interchange, San Fernando and is the newest addition to the JTA chain. It is an ultra modern branch with world-class decor and ambience.

Carlton Centre – This branch is located in the heart of the bustling downtown core of the City of San Fernando and it also serves as the Company’s Head Office.

Cross Crossing – This branch is located in the southern suburbs of San Fernando and it serves the growing residential community in the area.

Couva – This branch is located in the eastern edge of the town of Couva, which was at the heart of the old sugar cane industry and now adjacent to the thriving industrial area of Point Lisas.

Marabella – This branch is located in the northern suburbs of San Fernando, in the heart of a highly commercialized area.

The company’s strategy is to grow its brand into other parts of the country by leveraging on its strong public image for its great value and service. JTA looks forward to growing in order to achieve its goal of being the pre-eminent food retailer in the country.

C3 Centre Branch

Our Core Values


At JTA we strive to give our customers superior customer service at every moment of their shopping experience.


At. JTA we insist on quality products that give our customers value for money.


At JTA we know that not all customers are the same, that’s why we offer a broad selection so that there is something for everyone.