Health Corner

At JTA Supermarkets, we value the importance of good health for your family. We have and will continue to work with the listed organizations to host these free in-store events:

  • Red Cross Society: Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol testing
  • Lions' Club San Fernando: Vision and Hearing Screening
  • South AIDS Support: Lectures and Literature on AIDS and providing support
  • Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society: Breast cancer testing and Pap smears
  • Diabetes Association with Colgate Diabetes Month: Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure testing
  • Flora Heart Month: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and BMI screening
  • Nestle & Svelty: Bone Density testing and consultation

Look out for our next Health & Wellness Event in our Upcoming Events Calendar (on the bottom right) or sign-up here to receive email notifications!

Upcoming Events

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  • Carlton's Choice The Carlton's Choice brand offers superior quality products at affordable prices to give our customers value for their hard-earned money.

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Featured Food Tip

Red and white wine can be recorked and stored for up to 3 days. If you still have leftover wine, try these tips: Use in a sauce or soup: Red wine goes well with tomato sauces and can liven up your chili.  White wine is a goood fit for mushroom or cream sauces and is also a classic ingredient in some soups.Make sangria: Mix wine of either colour with fruit juice, liquer and a few other ingredients for a delicious sangria!Add it to your eggs: Store the open bottle of champagne/sparkling wine in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, crack two eggs in a bowl and season with salt/pepper. Add a tablespoon of champagne to the eggs and beat for 5 minutes. Then make your omelet as usual. Garnish with fresh thyme or chives.Make wine vinegar: After all, wine vinegar is just wine that's gone sour. Pour leftover wine into a jar of vinegar and leave it alone. Within a couple of weeks you'll have your very own home-made wine vinegar!Get rid of pests: If you have a fruit fly problem, put an open wine bottle with a tiny amount of wine left in it next to the fruit bowl. The flies will be attracted to the sugar in the wine, but they'll have trouble escaping the bottle!Freeze it: Pour in ice cube trays and use it later in sauces or sangria.

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