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Frequently Asked Questions

About our JTA Thank You card…

Why is JTA changing the Magna Rewards cards?

You, our valued customer, are super important to us. So we wanted to offer a better rewards system that gives you more ways to earn more points. Look out for exclusive offers to earn Bonus JTA points instore and via email. Most importantly we wanted you to be able to redeem points as soon as you qualify, without the wait to receive a voucher in the mail.

Who is eligible for a JTA Thank You Card?

Residents of Trinidad & Tobago over 16 years old are eligible for a JTA Thank You card and Magna account. Current Magna Cardholders are encouraged to upgrade to the JTA Thank You card to receive exclusive benefits. JTA Thank You cards should only be issued to individuals and not companies.

What are those small cards attached to my larger JTA Thank You card?

The two small cards that accompany your larger JTA Thank You card are key tags that help you to earn points to your same account if you don’t want to walk around with your larger JTA Thank You card. Simply attach your key tags to your house keys or car keys and present at the Checkout to earn points on your purchase. Don’t worry if you leave behind your bunch of keys behind, we’ll get your phone number from your account details and call you as soon as possible! Even if you leave your keys or wallet anywhere in the world, once they have your JTA Thank You card or key tag and someone notifies us that they have found it, we will call you to help you to find it again!

Can I get a second JTA Thank You card for my spouse/family member?

You can choose to give your spouse/family member one of your key tags which match your larger JTA Thank You card. Using these smaller key tags earns points the same way as your larger JTA Thank You card. However, only the person whose name is registered to the account can redeem points.

Can I use my JTA Thank You card at other Magna merchants nationwide?

Yes, you can! The larger JTA Thank you card bears the same magnetic stripe like the Magna card. Other Magna merchants can also use your account number from the card and key tags for you to earn Magna points as normal.

On earning points…

Can I get my points for my transaction if I don’t have my JTA Thank You card?

If you neither have any of your key tags or your JTA Thank You card number, you can arrange with our Branch Management to have your points added to your account for same day purchases only.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

You can continue to use the key tags to earn points. If you are concerned that someone may redeem your hard-earned points, call us at 652-3611 ext. 100 to report it stolen. We can issue another card plus two key tags to you free of charge and transfer your accumulated points to the new card.

Can I earn points on someone else’s grocery purchase if they allow me to?

We hope that all our valued customers know the benefits of the JTA Thank You card and that our signup process is quick and painless. JTA points and Magna points can only be earned by the individual that is paying for the items. JTA Thank You card holders and Magna card holders are prohibited from gaining or attempting to gain points from any transaction that they are not paying for. This is considered as fraudulent and can result in the termination of the JTA Thank You & Magna accounts.

How can I check my JTA points balance?

Balances will be shown at the end of every receipt or at your request at any JTA checkout terminal.

What if I notice a discrepancy in my JTA points balance?

Call us at 652-3611 ext. 100 with your Invoice # and we will investigate the discrepancy for you. If you do not notify us within 7 days of the receipt date, you have accepted the JTA points balance as shown on your receipt.

Do JTA points expire?

JTA points will only expire if no points were earned for 1 year from date of last transaction.

What will happen to my Magna Gold status?

Your Magna Gold status will not be affected in any way.

On redeeming points…

Who can redeem points?

Only the person whose name is registered to the account can redeem JTA points or Magna vouchers. You can include up to three first names on your signup form if you would like to authorize others in your household to redeem JTA points or Magna vouchers. Authorised persons will need to present Photo ID (Driver’s Permit or National ID card) to prove their identity.

Can I authorize someone else to redeem my points?

Sure, the authorized person can come in to JTA with your Photo ID, their Photo ID and an authorization letter signed by you. The authorization letter must include your full name and Photo ID number, the authorized person’s full name and Photo ID number, the JTA Thank You card number and number of points to be redeemed.

Can I receive cash for JTA points earned?

JTA points cannot be exchanged for cash. They can only be redeemed towards purchases at JTA Supermarkets stores or accumulated towards the redemption of a gift or voucher. Stay tuned for limited time redemption offers during the year.

What if my JTA points balance or Magna voucher are greater in value than my grocery bill?

If, for example, your grocery bill total is $50.00 and your JTA points balance is 800 you can choose to redeem 500 JTA points for a discount of $50.00. Change will not be refunded if your grocery total is less than the value of JTA points or Magna voucher. For example, if your grocery bill is $50.00 and your JTA points balance is 800 you cannot redeem 800 JTA points in order to get $30.00 cash for extra points redeemed.

On anything else…

What should I do if I want to update my Personal Information?

You can contact us at 652-3611 ext. 100, or email us at with your JTA Thank You card number and updated contact information.

Who do I talk to if I have an issue or need more information?

You can talk to any member of Branch Management or call us at 652-3611 ext. 100. You can also email us at and we will be happy to help!