At J.T.A. we hand-select our produce items according to the highest standards because we believe in providing only the best quality!

Local Year-Round

Grown in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, you can expect to find these local vegetables and fruits available at our stores at any time of year:

Lettuce, Cabbage, Patchoi, Callaloo Bush, Spinach, Chive, Celery, Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Pimento, Hot Pepper, Cucumber, Caraili, Pumpkin, Bodi, Bananas, Dry Coconut,Eddoes, Sweet Potato, Dasheen.

Local Seasonal

At varying times of year, these local vegetables and fruits are available at our stores: Christophene, String Bean, Morai (for pepper sauce), Seim (legume), Papaya (Paw-Paw), Orange, Grapefruit, Portugal, Lime, Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon.


Mostly grown in North America, availability of these fruits and vegetables depend on their seasonal patterns: Apples (Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith), Grapes (Red Globe, Green, Black, Red Seedless), Pear (Green Anjou, Red Anjou, Bosc), Black Plum, Nectarine, Peach, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew Melon, Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi, Cherry, Broccoli, Carrots, Baby Carrots, Sno Peas, Celery, Lettuce (Iceberg, Romaine, Romaine Hearts), Spinach Leaves (for salads), Cauliflower, Cabbage (Green and Purple), Sweet Pepper (Green, Yellow and Red), Radish, Beetroot, Red Onion, Idaho Potatoes, Tomato, White Mushroom.


Your One-Stop Meat Destination! Dive into our Meat Service Counter Offering a Range of Fresh, High-Quality Meats, Custom Cut and Portioned to Perfection! There are options to Suit Every Budget and Halal Choices Available, Your Culinary Adventures Just Got More Exciting!"


Most of our Beef is imported directly from New Zealand! We offer Grade A Steaks, Minced Beef, Lean Minced Beef, Beef Stew (Boneless or Bone-In), Beef Clod, Cow Heel, Oxtail and Beef Tripe.

Lamb & Goat

We import all of our Lamb and Goat directly from New Zealand. We offer Lamb Neck, Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Stew, Lamb Leg, Seasoned Goat, Goat Leg, and Goat Stew.


We offer Pork Shoulder, Pork Leg, Pork Cutlets, Pork Stew, Pork Ribs, Pork Loin Chops, Minced Pork, Pig Tails, Pigs' Feet.

Poultry & Duck

In addition to the usual selection of Chicken parts, we offer Barbecue Quarters, a Pelau Pack and Seasoned Chicken parts to make meal-time quick and easy! We also offer Local Muscovy Duck (chilled or frozen), Turkey Wings, Turkey Drumsticks and whole Turkeys all-year round.


Our excellent selection of Deli Meats and Gourmet Cheeses make for the ideal quick lunch spread or they can create an impressive table display for guests when entertaining at home. Need those party platters? Call the Deli nearest you at our Carlton CentreCross CrossingCouva or C3 Centre stores 652-3611 Ext. 510210 or 410 for more information!

Gourmet Meats

The Deli at Cross Crossing extends your selection of gourmet deli meats to include Butterball Turkey Pastrami, Fiedler's Roast Beef, and Erin Farm Virginia Ham.

Gourmet Cheeses

Our weighed Cheddar Cheese is imported directly from New Zealand. We offer a variety of hard and soft cheeses including Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Havarti, Ricotta, Edam, Gouda and Soya Cheeses.


Discover Daily Fresh Baked treats, at Our In-Store Bakeries Located in Carlton Centre, Cross Crossing, Couva, Marabella & C3 Centre Stores. Enjoy Delicious Treats Ideal for Breakfast or a Refreshing Coffee Break Away from the Office. Need a Last-Minute Birthday Surprise? We've Got You Covered with Our Scrumptious Cakes! Contact Us at 652-3611 Ext. 110,210, 310, 410, or 510 for Further Details!


Our JTA Bakery breads are eggless, dairy-free, and do not contain added preservatives. Available in White or Whole-Wheat: Hops, Loaves, Hamburger Buns, Hotdog Buns, Subs, Dinner Rolls and Coconut Bake. We also have French Bread, Garlic Bread, Multi-Grain Loaves and Artisan Loaves.


Indulge in Irresistible Confections From Classic Cakes to Specialty Treats. We Have Something for Everyone! Experience the Richness of Frosted or Plain Cakes, Black Forest Cakes, with or without Alcohol and savour every bite of our Delectable Cupcakes. Enjoy Eggless Options for Those with Dietary Preferences .Add a personalized touch to your celebration for a nominal fee by customizing your cake with beloved characters or your cherished photos.


Our JTA Bakeries offer a wide variety of savoury Pastries ranging from Puffs and Croissants to Sausage Rolls and Vegetable Pies. Sweet Pastries are also available with the most popular items being our Currants Rolls (made with real currants), Mini Strudels and Jelly Tarts. Our Eggless items are displayed separately to prevent contamination.

Sweet Goods

Donuts, Cookies, Coconut Drops, Cassava Pone, Bread Pudding, Banana Bread, and Sweet Bread are all on offer to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Busy Day? No Problem! Visit Our Prepared Foods Department at JTA Supermarkets for tasty, delicious solutions! Skip the Hassle and Enjoy Ready-Made Dishes such as sandwiches, fresh salads, Rotisserie Chicken. Take a Break at Our Mini Food Court, Grab a Bite and Relax!

Don't Feel Like Cooking Tonight? Let Us Handle It! Choose from a Variety of Freshly-Made Prepared Foods: Ready-to-Eat Hot Meals Available All Day, Every Day at all five locations. Customize Your Meal with Meat/Seafood and Side Dishes that are Affordable, Tasty, and Convenient! Savour the Flavour, Without the Fuss!


Need to take a break while grocery shopping and just relax for a bit? Stop by The Juice Bar located in our JTA C3 Centre store for a refreshing smoothie, slushie or juice blend or perk yourself up with a freshly brewed coffee or tea from our wide assortment of flavours. You can choose either a fruit or milk-based smoothie and customise your drink even more by choosing which fruit or vegetable you want juiced on the spot! Fuel up while you shop or stop by to pick up breakfast, lunch or a post workout snack!


Pick up select houseware items such as mini appliances, utensils, dishes and other haberdashery items at our Carlton Centre, Cross Crossing, Marabella, and Couva stores. Visit our C3 Centre branch for a fully stocked housewares department where you will find an array of products from basic mugs to sandwich makers, dishware sets & even barbecue grills! We carry brands such as Oster, Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, Rachel Ray & much more.


Located at our C3 Centre branch only, Eddie’s Pharmacy caters for the needs of all patients. They carry a unique stock of medication, vitamins, body building and hygiene products, all at very competitive prices on the pharmaceutical market. Expect excellent customer service from highly trained and qualified staff. Eddie's Pharmacy prides themselves on offering customers a wide variety of products. They believe in helping people live healthier lives and are always willing to impart knowledge to their customers for overall well being.


Choose from our selection of local and imported fish, chilled or frozen. We offer Carite, King Fish, White Fish Fillet, Salmon Fillet, Salmon Steak, Salmon Fish Cuts, Shark Steak (Bone-In), Shark Fillet, Conch, Herring and Mahi-Mahi.


We offer a diverse variety of Wine, Beer, and assorted liquors from all corners of the world. For those eager to add that special touch to a fine home-cooked meal, we've simplified the range to help you choose wisely.


Experience our classic vodka, meticulously distilled for a smooth, crisp taste with hints of grain. Ideal for traditional vodka enthusiasts. Pair our craft vodka with a gourmet charcuterie platter, enhancing the rich flavors of cured meats and savory accompaniments. A perfect culinary match.


Whiskey is a testament to tradition and craftsmanship.It is timeless with layers of complexity including honey, oak, and subtle peat. Enhance the flavour with rich, dark chocolate for a harmonious balance of sweetness and depth.

Crafted Beer

Explore our handcrafted brews, ranging from crisp lagers to bold ales, each expertly brewed to perfection. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our beers offer unique flavors and aromas that awaken the senses. Pair them with spicy dishes like hot wings or curry; their bold flavors balance the heat while crisp carbonation refreshes the palate, readying you for the next flavorful bite.


Embark on a journey of flavor and elegance with our curated selection of wines from around the world. From crisp and refreshing whites to bold and robust reds, each bottle tells a unique story of terroir, craftsmanship, and tradition. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply savoring the everyday moments, our wines are sure to elevate your experience with their exceptional quality and versatility. Join us as we uncork the possibilities and discover the perfect wine to complement every occasion and palate.Great to pair with cheeses,steak options,fruits and chocolate.