The JTA Supermarkets team geared up and took part in the 2019 Beach Clean Up initiative hosted by the International Coastal Clean Up’s Annual Event. Our team headed to Vessigny Beach on shuttles provided by Badree’s Rentals Limited.

We were excited to get going!

Our team diligently went to work and cleaned up several pounds of debris on Vessigny Beach! This was our first time participating and we were certainly moved by the experience. Working with the Eastern Credit Union team as well as, of course, extricating harmful waste from the sea shore was an opportunity all of us appreciated. It was also an eye-opening day, as we found certain toxic items that were inexplicably dumped where they should not have been. We are determined to be an agent of change and positive growth in society and leading by example could help encourage others to care so look out for more from the JTA team as do our part for the environment and the planet.

See more pictures here:

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